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Want to know what working with Interior Investments is like? Check out what some of our clients had to say about our installation team.

We had so much at stake to make this project run well, we could not have pulled it off without you. Having now overseen 243 major projects, I can safely say I have a good sense of comparison between various firms. Your reliability, persistence, and attention to detail was outstanding from yourself through your installation crews. Consistency is everything, and each and every individual associated with your firm was exceptional. Although many firms seem similar, sometimes all seem blended together, some how you have established a real cultural of excellence that’s a real differentiator. I look forward to working with you again soon.

Steven Chamberlain, Michael Best Milwaukee
My experiences with Interior Investments installers have always been top notch! They have extensive experience, competitive prices and are reliable! It gives me peace of mind knowing I will have trusted and high quality professionals that can tackle any project of any size, proficient, timely with attention to details.

Tina Hock, US Courts of Appeals Eighth Circuit
Benjamin F Edwards has been a client of Interior Investments (formerly Interiors Unlimited) since we started opening branches in 2009. I cannot say enough nice things about the service we have received from both the sales/design side and the installation team.

Ann has been very responsive and executes on projects that most times have very short lead times. She is very professional and certainly has her client’s best interest at the forefront of her service. She has the very difficult duty of coordinating installers all over the country, as we have branches in 29 states. This is very difficult, but she pulls it off without a hitch.

As far as the St. Louis based installation team, they are second to none. Always professional, on-time and very efficient. Always willing to help out with things that may not be on the original scope. Ron Phillips was the key to this team and I enjoyed working with him immensely. Bert, Eric, Rob, PJ (I know I am missing some) and the rest are very good at their profession and just nice helpful people.

Tom Martin, Benjamin F. Edwards & Co.