Living Office Settings

Refocus the workplace on people.

Outfit your office with settings fine-tuned to people’s activities and needs. With your workplace strategy as a guide, we help you specify and seamlessly deploy furnishings and digital tools in settings where people are more efficient and creative.

Empower frictionless work.

Create an environment that works in harmony with people. We help you achieve this by aligning surroundings, furnishings, and tools so work flows seamlessly in every setting.

Spend smartly with a streamlined process

Save time and money.

Work with our partners and us to design, order, and install furnishings and digital tools. This efficient process ensures you get only the products people need to accomplish their work and that all components are in sync with one another.

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Equip people with intuitive tools.

As a Herman Miller dealer, Living Office Settings sets us apart from any other furniture manufacturers as we can now fully address the technology needs of our customers.

Technology Partners

Make work more efficient with the right technology, right where people need it. We partner with leading tech companies to deliver tools customized to people's behaviors and integrated into settings using ergonomic principles. Our partners include:


Whitlock is a video collaboration company that exists to ensure you can share your next big ideas with the world. They advise on the best technologies to create the most impactful environments to drive positive change. Their team of technology strategists, integrators, and engineers work with us, as a Herman Miller dealer, to offer full lifecycle media collaboration services. This partnership ensures attractive, comprehensive settings design that provide an uncomplicated and well-integrated audio, video, and team working experience with world class 24/7 support.


Robin makes it easier to find and schedule the right room with the right tools so people and organizations can operate more efficiently. Using Robin room utilization, Herman Miller and its partners help organizations optimize the spaces that are underperforming.


As teams continue to become increasingly dispersed, Herman Miller and Logitech strive to make remote video conferencing more intuitive, effective, and engaging through thoughtfully integrated furnishings and collaboration tools. The environments we create are places where people feel more connected to each other and to the work they are sharing.


Together, Herman Miller and Crestron solve calling, conferencing, collaborating, and presenting challenges so the experience of meeting is more intuitive and productive. Herman Miller’s Living Office design framework and Crestron’s technology solutions shape workplaces that ignite people’s potential.

Refocus Your Workplace on People

Are you considering Living Office Settings for your workplace? Tell us about yourself, and one of our Specialists will contact you.

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