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Welcome to Interior Investments Web 2.0

As you read this blog post, hopefully you’ve navigated here through our exciting and highly anticipated brand-new website. It’s InteriorInvestments.com, version 2.0!

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Here we are today, with a new blog and a new website, and that’s just what you can see from the outside! On the “inside,” we are updating our entire company’s software system; renovating and expanding our showrooms to accommodate our employees (in nearly every position) in all of our locations; and moving swiftly along with a new architectural walls division.

We firmly believe that your office should be a Living Office. It can and should reflect who you are as a company and support your goals for the future. Visit any of our newly renovated working showrooms and you’ll see that, we truly practice what we preach in these bustling, beautiful, and highly productive workspaces. And now, our new website serves as a virtual extension of our physical Living Office.

Today, we invite you to visit our new website. We promise you’ll discover something about us that you didn’t know before, and you’ll be wowed by our spaces and those of our customers. In the future, please check back often for new blog posts to learn more about what is going on behind the scenes at Interior Investments; to meet the team that have helped, or may do so in the future, design and complete your new space; to hear from some of our partners and celebrate their successes with our own; and maybe you’ll even learn something new along with it.

In 2015, Interior Investments celebrated our 20th Anniversary as a company. 20 years is a major milestone and we are proud of it and our strength as a company. We’ve been growing steadily and show no signs of slowing down! But let’s not forget, that at 20 years old, we are still MILLENNIALS.

And if there is one thing we know about millennials, it’s that social media is their whole world. And now, with this first-ever Interior Investments blog post, it’s our world, too!