Education Setting


Create an environment that’s just right for learning. Our research-based approach, deep design expertise, and collaborations with industry thought leaders have helped us create educational spaces that welcome and engage students.

We help you create and sustain great places to learn, teach, and grow—from classrooms and computer labs to study spaces and campus libraries. Whatever your needs are, we understand the limitations of budgets and guidelines, and can help you build a space that will grow as your students do.

Our experience in workplace strategy carries over into the education field. By using the knowledge of our in-house workplace strategist and decades of research from MillerKnoll, we're able to help you evaluate your current space to recommend products and configurations that improve the learning environment.

Learning happens everywhere, at all hours of the day, thanks to new tools and technologies. For a student, a comfortable seating nook can transform an entire day of studying, eating, socializing, and organizing. Selecting furniture for educational environments isn’t about seating or desks—it’s about creating a sense of place and belonging, facilitating meaningful connections, supporting collaboration, and providing places to study, relax, and play.

We work with MillerKnoll and other leading manufacturers to help educational institutions create communities that draw students and faculty in and help them do their best.