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Our Team

Our team isn’t strong because it’s big, it’s big because we’re strong. We’ve grown to more than 160 team members spanning seven locations across three states, and we’re united by the same values we shared as a two-man startup: pursuing innovative, long-term solutions and enduring, collaborative relationships.

We’ve been careful to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that propelled us from upstart to market leader. We’re a team that looks for opportunities, takes initiative, and enjoys our work (while doing it well). And while we celebrate the contributions of each individual, we rise and fall together. Our employees stay with us for years, and enjoy working together.

We believe that buying and selling furniture isn't just about providing a place to work, it's about facilitating your best work. We’ve built lasting relationships with our partners on a foundation of innovation, performance, lean process management, and research-based design. Our first clients remain our current clients, and our customer satisfaction rating consistently exceeds 98%.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds—financial, architectural, design, start up, Fortune 500—with experience to match. It's this diversity and depth of knowledge that allows us to navigate our industry's many complexities—and guide you to the right solutions.

Big enough to handle anything, and small enough to know your name.
We embrace the concept of a single team, carefully assigned and dedicated to each client. This philosophy assures our customers that the team supporting them will understand their culture and values, be aware of their facility history, and be sensitive to their objectives—not just for the duration of a project, but for the long haul.

“Quick response time from our account manager and his attention to detail has ensured the successful completion of the most challenging tasks and projects.” – Ed Drapatsky, Sr. Corporate Purchasing and Real Estate Manager at Sysmex America, Inc.