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AGI renovated its US headquarters by partnering with HKS, Power Construction, and Interior Investments to create an industrial yet engaging space that overcame labor and supply chain issues for an on time delivery.

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Ag Growth International (AGI) is a Toronto based company that supplies the world's food infrastructure. When they decided to renovate their US headquarters, they reached out to a team of design professionals from HKS, contractors Power Construction, project management firm Avison Young, and Interior Investments to execute the project. The assembled team's cross-disciplinary collaboration enabled AGI to overcome supply-chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring an on-time and on-budget project delivery.

The project's primary objective was to achieve on-time delivery. To meet design, cost, and schedule goals, Interior Investments promptly prioritized product selection to provide guidance and specify furniture and material choices. It is important to highlight that this project commenced in March 2022, amidst a global pandemic, as our world was in the process of recovering. The project team demonstrated their dedication and expertise by successfully navigating through unprecedented labor shortages and challenges in the supply chain. Interior Investments' familiarity with all collaborators, combined with their experience in delivering projects within tight timelines, enabled us to swiftly guide the team towards appropriate solutions. As a result, the project was successfully completed within the desired timeframe, against all odds and expectations.

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The end result was a space that delivered on both aesthetics and employee engagement goals. Our product contributions helped to achieve the desired industrial look and feel while maintaining a sense of warmth and community aided by HKS's strong design. For example, the team incorporated reclaimed virgin pine from monumental grain elevators into the design of the reception desk and entry point brand wall, adding a unique touch to the space.

Our ancillary furniture solutions helped to promote both focused work and improved the company’s ability to spontaneously collaborate, such as in the Social Cafe at the center of the floor plan. The products selected helped to facilitate increased belonging for all, encouraging cross-collaboration while maintaining quiet areas for focus to balance out the open office.

Mirr 2 Spotlight
Product Spotlight: Mirra 2 Task Chair from Herman Miller

A few months after the project's completion, AGI's new headquarters was awarded Small Project of the Year at CoreNet Chicago's 2022 Real Awards. We were honored to accept this award in conjunction with a stellar team of collaborators and a forward-looking client who understood the strategic value that a well-designed and strategically furnished space can provide.

In addition to the award, the project's success has also been recognized by employees who are thrilled with their new workspace. The new office space has improved their productivity, communication, and overall well-being, which can lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

At Interior Investments, we take pride in our ability to work closely with our clients, contractors, and designers to deliver projects that exceed expectations. Our experience in providing furniture solutions for a variety of spaces, from offices to healthcare facilities and educational institutions, enables us to deliver the right products and solutions for every project.

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