Marist High School

Marist, a private catholic preparatory high school in Chicago, refreshed after over 60 years of educating in their space.

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The biggest obstacle in any project, especially one where the entire landscape of learning is shifted, is change. Through coordination from Jones Lang LaSalle and Marist high school, Interior Investments helped design and furnish 10 classrooms complete with teacher offices and planetarium seating. This multi floor project comes from renovating the old monastery on campus to bring a state-of-the-art science wing that enhances the learning experience with modern technology, furniture and lighting.

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In order to effectively activate the new classrooms, we took a unique look at each subject being taught and worked with the administrators to develop a design based on the nature of what was being taught. This included upgrading technology and the way students are able to interact with the furniture. We created unique special work tables for the students so that the classrooms had their own identity based on the activities happening in the space.

Products came from numerous manufacturers including Symbiote, MillerKnoll, Enwork, Great Openings, Claridge, Nevins, and Source International. Some unique products from these lines included Planetarium seating, custom chemistry tables, standing and counter height tables in classrooms and pops of color throughout the school's rooms.