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Commercial Furniture…Fun?

I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over...to go to Neocon again.

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Before walking into neocon we had assumed that office furniture was boring, sad, and drab. In fact, the thought of working in a traditional office before starting at Interior Investments made us cringe. That notion quickly changed after wandering around 4 packed floors of furniture mania at the Mart.

Amazing Workspace Grey Pop Citron
Pops of Citron lit up every showroom at Neocon 2016.

No longer was furniture boring, drab and sad, it was fun, playful, and even colorful. Pops of citron, cerulean, and shades of yellow lit up the showrooms and drew us in and it hit us; furniture was actually exciting! We were surprised to find that we were engaged, inspired and even happy when we sat in different styles of chairs and tested out new open concept workstations.

It was an eye opening experience to see this and made us realize the importance of creating a home away from home feeling. After all, U.S. employees spend an average 8.9 hours in the office everyday (and for that amount of time an office space should feel like your second home). 

Laura Erika Neocon2016 Bags
The bag ladies with all of their goodies!

We are lucky to experience this transition from an old tired space to a new living place in our own office every day, something a few weeks ago we didn’t even realize was an option for an office space and now we can’t imagine it any other way.

After completing our tour of Neocon, it became obvious that we, despite being from a trendsetting technological generation, we were behind the curve when it came to furniture. From jungle gyms to shovel chairs, it was clear that the old notion of a typical office was a thing of the past. Trends and colors may change but one thing is for certain, this Neocon may have been our first, but definitely not our last.