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The Green, Clean, Recycling Machine

Interior Investments, Herman Miller, and the Goodwill team up to keep the environment healthy by preventing office furniture from entering landfills.

2600 S California

In the first week of June 2016, Interior Investments, Herman Miller, and Goodwill teamed together to remove over 33,000 pounds of used furniture from the Cook County Administration building at 2600 S. California. This furniture was not in any condition for resale/re-use, and before we got involved it was going to be removed by the GC as waste with a landfill as its expected destination.

Interior Investments oversaw the breakdown of the furniture, and the loading of the trucks that Goodwill provided via their partnership with Herman Miller. The entire breakdown took 2 days, and had some very positive effects:

  • Only 1.5% (511 out 33,108 pounds) of the product removed went into landfills.
  • 320 work hours were created for people that Goodwill hired for this program. Goodwill specifically hires transitional workers who are out of work, and looking to get back into the workforce for this program.
  • The removal cost less money to the customer than traditional dumpster/landfill solutions.
"By preventing this furniture from going to a landfill, Interior Investments, Herman Miller and Goodwill helped reduce the amount of office furniture that will end up being thrown away and created jobs for Goodwill employees." — George Maniatis