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Things I Love with Don Shannon

Don Shannon, Principal of Interior Investments, expands on our "Things I Love" series with a beautiful story of how the little things in life are the most important.

Mike Don

“When we live in the present moment with an open mind, a positive attitude and a love of life, the world reveals its glorious beauty.”

Check Presentation
Presenting the check at Aeron Hockey is one of my favorite things - seeing the joy on the athletes faces is a priceless experience.

"February, midway through a harsh midwestern winter is the perfect month for me to reflect on the many things that I love. Because in the heart of a Chicago winter, with cloudy skies, bone chilling temperatures, jacket piercing winds and magnificent mountains of freshly plowed snow, it is easy to lose connection with the joy and beauty that surrounds me daily. And so, as I compile my list, I am reminded that most of my very best things are intangible; and that they can be enjoyed at any time when I just open my heart and mind to let them in.

At the center of my life is the love of my family. I am blessed to be married to my college sweetheart and the love of my life for the past 39 years. Our two adult daughters are happily married, living close by in the Chicagoland area and embracing life to its fullest. We have two young grandchildren who are the light and the delight of my life, and every moment that we spend together is truly a gift. Candidly, I could conclude my list of the things that I love at this point, and I would have already revealed the most important, cherished and meaningful things in my life. But journey on, we must.

Shannon Family
The center of my life - my family.

I love to awaken my body to the magnificent beauty of a sunrise, immediately followed by the invigorating, heart pounding feeling of a good, hard outdoor run. I love a piping hot cup of strong flavorful coffee, and the quiet, peaceful view of my backyard through my kitchen window in the morning. I love the four-seasons, but especially when Winter allows Spring to bloom, and when Summer embraces Fall. I love the joyfulness of an elderly couple, walking and tenderly holding hands, and the hope embraced by newlyweds walking down the aisle looking forward to a life together. I love a good belly laugh, the embrace of an enthusiastic bear hug, a bit of double-chocolate gelato, and my guilty pleasure – The Great British Baking Show. I cherish Sunsets, convertible rides and afternoon walks on the beach. And I love the realization that Yes, these are indeed the good old days."