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Working from Home - with Cooper

Earlier today we took a few moments to speak with Jamie Horn of Horn Design about working at home with her dog Cooper, a lovable, goofy Wheaton Terrier.


II: Jamie, can you tell us a little about working from home with Cooper?

J: Well, while it’s not exactly like working from home with your kids, there are some similarities. I have to try to find ways for him to entertain himself when he thinks I’m home and therefore it’s playtime!

J - No, I can’t play right now. I need to finish this RFP

C - Blank Stare

J – No, seriously Cooper, just give me 10 minutes… please!

C – Sad, puppy face.

J – Ok, fine! You win! You get the next 10 minutes, then back to my RFP!

Cooper also has impeccable timing, and seems to bark incessantly every time I’m on a conference call. I find myself constantly apologizing to those on the line. Fortunately, most people laugh and appreciate the unexpected interruption!

II: Anything different you’ve noticed with Coop in the current environment?

J: Cooper has had some health issues recently, so we have frequent pre-scheduled vet appointments. The appointments have held, but procedure has changed significantly. I need to do curbside drop off and pick up! I call when I get there and they come out to get him; I’m not allowed in the building.

II: Anything else you’d like to add?

J: It’s totally normal to have full conversations with your dog where you talk out loud for both sides, right? lol