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More Than A Pretty Space: Beyond the Showrooms at Design Days & NeoCon

Join us as we dive deeper into the creative concepts and discussions that made the spaces and experiences within Design Days & NeoCon 2024 truly transformative, exploring not just the products and spaces, but the why behind the designs.


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Creating Intentional Spaces

Exploring how color, tactility, and light affect our feelings and experiences in a space, Muuto sat down with Google’s Head of Design for Hardware Products to discuss neuroaesthetics and how our brains are wired to respond to aesthetic experiences.

Read the Muuto interview:

"Neuroaesthetics at Play"
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The Biophilia Movement

Reflecting on the release of various outdoor collections and how to incorporate elements into indoor environments, the conversation around biophilia and its effects on humans is stronger than ever.

Read the Salone Milano article:

"The Principles of Biophilic Architecture"
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Future of Sustainability in the Workplace

MillerKnoll's sustainability exhibit showcased innovative materials and processes to positively impact the planet, reflecting the new generation's commitment to a socially responsible workplace.

Read the Autodesk article:

"The Workplace Powerhouse Duo: Sustainability & Gen Z"
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Best of NeoCon: The Percy Chair

This year, the NeoCon judges awarded NaughtOne's Percy Chair a Silver in the Best of NeoCon awards for its excellence and innovation, praising its charming design by Nicole Marion.

View the NaughtOne announcement:

"Percy Named Best of NeoCon 2024
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Resurfacing Herman Miller's "Ideas"

Originally published as an internal magazine from 1978 to 1982, Herman Miller used Design Days to help celebrate "Ideas" with a special one-off issue featuring an interactive cover design.

Read the Fast Company article:

"Why Herman Miller Brought Back Its Company Magazine"