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OFS Brands

Furniture selection plays a larger role than connecting people with architecture.

OFS Brands believes that, as products of our environment, interior design is at the very core of corporate culture today. Our line of furniture is designed for the modern business that aspires to create a culture of success and innovation. We offer design-driven furniture that provides solutions for personal, social, collaborative, and learning environments. We combine the highest quality and value by producing our products with cutting edge technology, materials, and processes to deliver fresh, functional furniture that makes your day more delightful.

From the original OFS brand, to the additions of First Office, Carolina, Loewenstein, and Highmark, an equal measure of attention is paid to utility and beauty which drives our design selection and product development. We know how much thought our customers put in to selecting their environment; which is why every product from OFS Brands is developed and executed with this same obsession to detail and performance. As part of the OFS Brands family, we benefit from a deep commitment to environmentally sustainable practices and over 75 years of furniture making experience.

"Some of our companies' largest and most successful installations were developed and executed by the Interior Investments team." —Dennie Long, OFS Brands