ESD aimed to create a space that doubled as a living lab to show clients their day to day processes.

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ESD has moved its' headquarters into 47,000 square feet over 2 floors of the iconic Chicago Willis Tower. The engineering, design and consulting firm partnered with Gensler to create the space as a “living lab” to engage employees and clients alike. The office is packed full with the latest tech options including sensors, efficient lighting, conference room scheduling and even smart furniture.

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ESD's cutting edge office includes an LED lighting solution that has Bluetooth capability to pair with applications such as space utilization and occupancy sensors for efficient energy usage. Conference room scheduling posted near all of the doors allows for a simple solution to easily reserve and track when conferencing spaces are available. The office is dotted with pieces from MillerKnoll including Eames shell chairs, Mirra 2, Eames Walnut Stools, Nemschoff Aspen and Canvas workstations. The workstations include sensors on all Motia height adjustable tables which helps capture space-utilization data and show the efficiency of the furniture.

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