Intersport was looking to inspire collaboration and create a work/life balance within their own space while maintaining their branding and budget.

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To make this a successful remodel, Interior Investments had to first understand who the client was and what their goals were. To start off, Intersport is “a collection of directors, producers, writers, strategists, negotiators, implementers, digital natives and visionaries with a 30 year history of building differentiated sports and entertainment platforms that engage consumers. Interport helps clients build their brands by leveraging what people are already interested in and passionate about. We can do this because we have seven practices, each with a massive expertise in areas that clients need. Each practice is made stronger by the others and, in turn, each make the others stronger.”

Intersport's goals were to invite more collaboration in their everyday work life, but to also have a work/life balance within their own space. These goals needed to be achieved while maintaining branding and color scheme, creating a unique and trendy design, and building an open work environment to let natural light in, and provide enclosed and open modern meeting space.

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Coming into the project, we knew budget was key. After seeing the design Intersport and Nelson architecture nailed down, we knew finding options within their price point was going to be difficult, but we were up for the task. By using a combination of MillerKnoll Canvas workstations and private offices, Aeron and Verus chairs, National conference rooms and miscellaneous ancillary from Naughtone, Gordon, Source International, Kimball, Via and Encore, we were able to value engineer the project and find a solution that was $150,000 less than what the RFP products requested came to.

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We worked with Nelson to ensure the design was still in line and we focused on finding unique materials so the space looked amazing. We also worked hand in hand with Intersport team members to ensure each team member had adequate storage and work space. Going to an open floor plate can be an adjustment but our goal was to make it a smooth transition for Intersport.

Since the teams had input in the process of the project, they felt more comfortable moving into their new environment.

“Not sure how we could have done this without you. The teams at MillerKnoll and Interior Investments delivered every step of the way. Just an outstanding group of professionals who were very helpful during every phase. From the beginning, your team was excellent with pricing and finding solutions that could fit with our budget and not sacrifice any design elements. Your team communicated thoroughly, attended all of our construction and scheduling meetings throughout the process and most importantly delivered on-time, under budget and with a great product that our entire team at Intersport is very happy with. The post-delivery and installation phase was great and very helpful, especially considering everything else that we had going on at the same time. I couldn’t imagine anyone doing this better and would be happy to recommend your group to anyone considering going through this process.”
Intersport Marty Doherty