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Power Reviews doubled their Chicago office space to accommodate a 200% growth in their workforce.

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Where most tech firms want to be in San Francisco, Power Reviews opted to close the Bay area office and focus solely on their Chicago space. According to owner Matt Moog, "Hiring top talent in the ultra competitive San Francisco tech market was difficult and expensive, rents were twice as high and employee tenure was much shorter than in Chicago. We made the tough decision that moving all positions to Chicago would enable us to scale more quickly and continue our record of more than 30% annual growth."

To achieve their goals, Power Reviews took on a 52,000 square foot space at 1 N. Dearborn and hired Charlie Green Studio to design it. Working off of Charlie Green Studio's vision, Interior Investments provided products from numerous manufacturers including Renew Link workstations from MillerKnoll and an eclectic and very cool mix of secondary manufacturers including Icon Modern, Allermuir, Keilhauer, Andreu World, Hightower, SIS, and Watson creating a variety of spaces supporting a variety of work styles. The private offices were designed from a layout, product and size perspective to easily convert from individual use to group use supporting sit to stand posture in either use.

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