Schaumburg Toyota

The excitement shouldn't stop at the door, which is why Toyota of Schaumburg decided it was time to have a quality space that enhanced the experience of buying a quality product.

St Entry

The experience of buying a car is more than picking the model, color and features. All of these decisions can be influenced by factors such as cleanliness, comfort, and trust. In a world with so many options, it can be tricky to retain and attract customers based on product alone. Recently, studies have broken buyers down into 2 categories: emotional and rational. Emotional buyers purchase based off of how they feel, where as rational buyers purchase based on facts and price. Toyota aimed to create a space that satisfied both.

St Sales Station V4

To achieve this, Toyota teamed up with Archideas who helped bring the vision to life. By installing large windows, custom glass walls and open Canvas workstations from MillerKnoll, the natural light was able to flood the showroom and create a relaxed, modern feel throughout the space.

A comfortable new lounge and coffee bar was created using pieces from Sit On It, Coalesse, National, Hightower, Arcadia, Humanscale. Additional visual effects were added on walls which were lined with custom car rims and a mural history of Toyota. This new space is functional and inviting and has transformed into a place where customers can converse and feel comfortable while buying a new car, servicing an existing one or just browsing through the showroom.

St High Top