Sinars, Slowikowski, Tomaska

Sinars, Slowikowski, Tomaska is a civil claims law firm that was looking to create a lasting identity through a customized environment.

Sinars Rollins Po
Sinars Rollins Lounge

Sinars, Slowikowski, Tomaska needed a work space that was functional, unique, and focused. As a rapidly expanding law firm, they required a larger office with growth potential. They also wanted to create spaces that fostered collaboration and provided an enjoyable work environment.

The Interior Investments team, together with the Sinars, Slowikowski, Tomaska Leadership team, spent a lot of time together focusing on the specific needs of the firm. We were able to meet their requirements by using a wide variety of products from MillerKnoll, OFS, National, and more. This allowed us to create a customizable space that has something for everyone to enjoy!

Sinars Rollins Po 2

The 21,500 square foot space also features unique design elements such as a custom media wall and lounge area that leads into a collaborative meeting space. These multifunctional areas were vital to the success of the project.

“We truly enjoyed working with Interior Investments. Their easeful nature and resourceful team made the process very smooth and enjoyable.”
Sinars Rollins Slowikowski Tomaska Kristin Lothrop | Operations and HR Manager