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Our Process

Our process begins with you: our partner. We take into account every step that’s involved in your project, and offer unique, sustainable solutions.

We’re problem-solvers by nature, which means we’re always going to help you think through the best possible solutions, navigating the growth and change that naturally occur at organizations like yours. Each relationship we have is different, so we approach projects with the end result in mind, keeping your goals at the forefront of our conversations. We employ a full-time workplace strategist who can help you with early evaluations of your workplace and think through how to maximize your space or create a Living Office. From there, we build our general approach, relying heavily on discovery and strategic solutions. We look at a project from a holistic standpoint: how does this affect every facet of your organization or culture?

Because we offer a comprehensive turn-key service from furniture selection to inventory management and everything in between—including our own in-house delivery and installation teams—our processes are tightly integrated. This allows us to execute solutions for our clients and partners with far greater efficiency. We pioneered the IIPS (Interior Investments Performance System), a waste reduction initiative based on the lean manufacturing philosophies established by Toyota and refined through the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS). We’ve dialed in our operations to the second, shaving hours, days, and weeks off of standard delivery and installation times. Even the way we manage and dispose of packing materials can save clients thousands of dollars. Being efficient is something that now comes naturally to us—we’ve been perfecting our process over the last 20 years.

On most projects, we’re just one part of our client’s larger project team. Our team leads and project managers are adept at coordinating communication and orchestrating details to keep schedules on track. We love to partner with architects, designers, real estate professionals, project managers, general contractors, and manufacturing leaders who share a common philosophy and business value system. Our industry is naturally collaborative and we find that sharing resources and leaning on each other’s expertise is the best way to serve our clients.