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Day 2 Services

The job may not be over when it's over which is why we offer comprehensive Day 2 services to keep your furniture looking good and in good working order.

Continuous care

Scheduled maintenance services include inspection, cleaning, stain-prevention treatment, and lubrication as required.


We’re available to repair broken or malfunctioning mechanisms, reupholster fabric panels and seating, touch up painted surfaces, repair scratches, or refinish wood furniture.


To maintain the long-term value of your investment, we’ll refurbish your products to like-new condition and match them to new furnishings or new decor.

Warranty claims

Should your products have warranty issues, our skilled, certified technicians will promptly inspect and repair your furniture on site or provide a replacement if necessary. Use the button below to submit a claim.

Other Post-Installation Services Include:

  • Complete move, add, change requests as needed
  • Inventory to support customer needs
  • Rapid response for issues that arise
  • Post-occupancy surveys
  • Product install training
  • Ergonomic training

Warranty Claims

Need to file a warranty claim for service?